my dear welcoome

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  1. ℓlįșšă
    12-06-2009, 03:18 AM

    my dear welcoome

    my dear welcoome

    هده مجموعة قصائد بالانجليزية أتمنى أن تنال اعجابكم.......-1-

    A Ballade of Suicide
    G.K. Chesterton

    The gallows in my garden, people say,
    Is new and neat and adequately tall;
    I tie the noose on in a knowing way
    As one that knots his necktie for a ball;
    But just as all the neighbours on the wall
    Are drawing a long breath to shout "Hurray!"
    The strangest whim has seized me. . . After all
    I think I will not hang myself to-day.

    To-morrow is the time I get my pay
    My uncle's sword is hanging in the hall
    I see a little cloud all pink and grey
    Perhaps the rector's mother will NOT call
    I fancy that I heard from Mr. Gall
    That mushrooms could be cooked another way
    I never read the works of Juvenal
    I think I will not hang myself to-day.

    The world will have another washing-day;
    The decadents decay; the pedants pall;
    And H.G. Wells has found that children play,
    And Bernard Shaw discovered that they squall;
    Rationalists are growing rational
    And through thick woods one finds a stream astray,
    So secret that the very sky seems small
    I think I will not hang myself to-day.

    Ella Wheeler Wilcox

    Today I had a burial of my dead.
    There was no shroud, no coffin, and no pall,
    No prayers were uttered and no tears were shed
    I only turned a picture to the wall.

    A picture that had hung within my room
    For years and years; a relic of my youth.
    It kept the rose of love in constant bloom
    To see those eyes of earnestness and truth.

    At hours wherein no other dared intrude,
    I had drawn comfort from its smiling grace.
    Silent companion of my solitude,
    My soul held sweet communion with that face.

    I lived again the dream so bright, so brief,
    Though wakened as we all are by some Fate;
    This picture gave me infinite relief,
    And did not leave me wholly desolate.

    To-day I saw an item, quite by chance,
    That robbed me of my pitiful poor dole:
    A marriage notice fell beneath my glance,
    And I became a lonely widowed soul.

    With drooping eyes, and cheeks a burning flame,
    I turned the picture to the blank wall's gloom.
    My very heart had died in me of shame,
    If I had left it smiling in my room.

    Another woman's husband. So, my friend,
    My comfort, my sole relic of the past,
    I bury thee, and, lonely, seek the end.
    Swift age has swept my youth from me at last.



    Our Little Ghost
    a poem by Louisa May Alcott

    Oft in the silence of the night,
    When the lonely moon rides high,
    When wintry winds are whistling,
    And we hear the owl's shrill cry,
    In the quiet, dusky chamber,
    By the flickering firelight,
    Rising up between two sleepers,
    Comes a spirit all in white.

    A winsome little ghost it is,
    Rosy-cheeked, and bright of eye;
    With yellow curls all breaking loose
    From the small cap pushed awry.
    Up it climbs among the pillows,
    For the "big dark" brings no dread,
    And a baby's boundless fancy
    Makes a kingdom of a bed.

    A fearless little ghost it is;
    Safe the night seems as the day;
    The moon is but a gentle face,
    And the sighing winds are gay.
    The solitude is full of friends,
    And the hour brings no regrets;
    For, in this happy little soul,
    Shines a sun that never sets.

    A merry little ghost it is,
    Dancing gayly by itself,
    On the flowery counterpane,
    Like a tricksy household elf;
    Nodding to the fitful shadows,
    As they flicker on the wall;
    Talking to familiar pictures,
    Mimicking the owl's shrill call.

    A thoughtful little ghost if is;
    And, when lonely gambols tire,
    With chubby hands on chubby knees,
    It sits winking at the fire.
    Fancies innocent and lovely
    Shine before those baby-eyes,
    Endless fields of dandelions,
    Brooks, and birds, and butterflies.

    A loving little ghost it is:
    When crept into its nest,
    Its hand on father's shoulder laid,
    Its head on mother's breast,
    It watches each familiar face,
    With a tranquil, trusting eye;
    And, like a sleepy little bird,
    Sings its own soft lullaby.

    Then those who feigned to sleep before,
    Lest baby play till dawn,
    Wake and watch their folded flower
    Little rose without a thorn.
    And, in the silence of the night,
    The hearts that love it most
    Pray tenderly above its sleep,
    "God bless our little ghost!"



    Ella Wheeler Wilcox

    Here is an island in Slumber Sea
    Where the drollest things are done,
    And we will sail there if the winds are fair
    Just after the set of the sun.
    'Tis the loveliest place in the whole wide world,
    Or anyway, so it seems,
    And the folks there play at the end of each day
    In a curious show called Dreams.

    We sail right into the evening skies,
    And the very first thing we know,
    We are there at the port and read for sport
    Where the dream folks give their show.
    And what do you think they did last night
    When I crossed their harbor bars?
    They hoisted a plank on a great cloud bank
    And teetered among the stars.

    And they sat on the moon and swung their feet
    Like pendulums to and fro;
    Down Slumber Sea is the sail for me,
    And I wish you were ready to go.
    For the dream folks there on this curious isle
    Begin their performance at eight.
    There are no encores, and they close their doors,
    On everyone who is late.

    The sun is sinking behind the hills,
    The seven o'clock bells chime.
    I know by the chart that we ought to start
    If we would be there in time.
    O fair is the trip down Slumber Sea,
    Set sail and away we go:
    The anchor is drawn, we are off and gone
    To the wonderful Dream-town show.

    وبس تعبت

    وش رايكم
  2. حازم الهوارى
    12-06-2009, 12:34 PM

    my dear welcoome

    really very good
    to read this poems is wonderful feeling
    because poem is the soul of any language
    your brother
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    12-06-2009, 06:47 PM

    my dear welcoome

    thanks for
    come to me

    my dear