I Hate Yoy .....

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  1. حوراء العبدالله
    21-11-2008, 06:43 AM

    I Hate Yoy .....

    I Hate Yoy .....

    I Hate Yoy

    I Hate What You Have Done To Me

    The Pain You Made Me Feel

    Why Can't You Just Simply See?

    That All Of This Is Real

    Betrayl, Torment I Must Abide

    Your Rules Live Throughout My Veins

    These Laws Will End Once You Have Died

    And I Will Be Rid Of All This Pain

    I Can't Belive I Used To Love You

    That At One Point I Actually Cared

    Now All These Emotions And Gone And Flew

    To The Place That We Have Dared

    What Have You Done To Me?

    You Ran Away With My Pride

    Why Can't We Just Agree?

    For Now My Soul Has Died

    I'll Come Back

    My Pride Will Join Me Too

    I Must Make My Final Attack

    The One Without Pride Is You

    Have You No Shame For What You've Done?

    These Wonnds Will Never Heal

    Did You Think It Was All For Fun?

    With Hate These Wounds Will Seal

    Look at Me

    Make Sure This Is For Real

    For Once I'm Gone You See...

    You Fate Will Be Sealed

    You Ripped Out My Heart

    You Jacked My Pride

    A Miraculous Form Of Your Deadly Art

    These Deeds You've Done Will All Collide

    And From This Moment On

    You Will Be Drastically Faced

    With The Face That I'm Gone?

    Or Simply Misplaced

    But There Is One Thing I Know

    One Thing That Is Certain

    That This Is My Show

    For You I've The Curtain

    You Have Nothing Left

    For I Will Avenge Myself

    The Pounding Silence Will Bring You Deft

    Your Weaknesses I Will Find With Stealth

    Then Start Laughing At You

    While You Burn In Hell

    Are These Words, Are They True?

    Or Simply The Words Of A Girl Who Has Fell

    These Statements Of Hate

    Fly Like A Dove

    Perhaps Its Too Late?

    To Say Your The One I Love

    My Best Wishes
  2. ** عبورة عتيبه **
    21-11-2008, 05:24 PM

    I Hate Yoy .....


    keep going sister .........
  3. بركان الحب
    21-11-2008, 05:38 PM

    I Hate Yoy .....

    مشكوره عالموضوع
  4. ام عراده
    21-11-2008, 06:15 PM

    I Hate Yoy .....

  5. بسمة فرح
    21-11-2008, 07:57 PM

    I Hate Yoy .....

    thaanks I Hate Yoy .....